Is the Apple Era Dead?

Is the Apple Era Dead?

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Apple-the company which was defined by a single man-Steve Paul Jobs. 18 months back when the founder and CEO of the company died the word on everyone’s mind was that can Apple survive without Steve Jobs? Many predicted that it might, many said it won’t. So, let’s look at the stats after 18 months and come to conclusion.

Let’s first look at the past history of Apple. When Apple was at growing back in the days Steve Jobs approached the president of Pepsi Co., John Sculley and asked “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?” Not surprisingly John accepted the offer and came to work for Apple. Initially, they had a good relationship but after the launch of the original Macintosh in 1984 they had a falling out and ultimately Steve Jobs was out of the company. So, this was the first time when Apple was functioning without Steve Jobs and it did not do very well. Microsoft started dominating the PC market and Apple was at the verge of bankruptcy. As luck would have it Apple bought NeXT(A company founded by Steve after he was fired from Apple) and Steve Jobs returned to Apple. So, from this we can see that Apple failed to function without Steve Jobs.

We all know what happened after Steve Jobs returned. On his return he was furious and motivated to make a dent in the universe one after another. He managed to it by bringing three revolutionary products-iPod, iPhone and iPad. He also revolutinised the music and movie industry and created a whole new market for developers by introducing the AppStore. So, what was so special about him that he managed to do it?

In my opinion it was his eye for perfection and the ability to think outside the box that made it possible. It is visible in Apple products. Apple has a very unusual way of working. In many companies like Dell or HP if a new device is to be made the engineering team tells the design guys what they want but at Apple it is(or was) the other way around, the design guru-Sir Jonathan Ive and his folks would command the engineering team or the geeks what they wanted. The engineering team had to figure out a way to do it as Steve himself was obsessed over design. Remember the antennagate problem on the iPhone 4? In a way it can be said it was Steve’s cray obsession over design which caused. When the iPhone 4 was in testing stages an engineering advised Steve that the steel rim on the side should be coated by some material but in Steve opinions it would ruin the entire looks of the device so they found a way to make it work, agreed it was a bit rough but thanks to Steve’s obsession over design and perfection made it possible. Is there any company where you can find such crazy philosophies, I believe not.

So what’s the status of the big tech giant currently, 18 months after passing away of the father, Steve Jobs? Sadly, not good. Today Apple Inc. hit a all time low of $400 since 2011.


So, why is this happening?

I believe it is because Apple has lost it’s ‘WOW’ factor and other companies now are ahead of Apple instead of lagging behind. The last breakthrough gadget that Apple introduced was the iPhone 4. In 2011 no one could even imagine a phone having such high resolution screen or being made out of just glass and steel. It redfined what was already an amazing product. Sure, video calling existed before FaceTime but the way “Everything Worked” was the thing which made it stand out. Now, in 2013, it’s the opposite, companies already have 1080p screens on their phones, they already have NFC and don’t even get me started on all the useless ‘S’ features that are included on the Samsung flagship series.

Let’s take a look at the devices Apple gave us after Steve Jobs. First came the iPhone 4S, the perfect way to disappoint the general public since it had been delayed so much that everyone was expecting a new revamped iPhone, but no they gave us an iPhone 4S with Siri, better processor, faster data, better camera and crappy battery life. After, that came the iPad 3, nothing revolutionary here either, just an iPad 2 with Retina display. Then came the MacBook Pro with retina display, sure they can take some credit for this. After, this it was the iPhone 5 which was just like a taller and slimmer iPhone 4S with a 4″ screen and better specs. Then it was the scaled down version of the iPad 2, the iPad Mini.

Do you notice anything peculiar here? When Steve Jobs was on stage and when everyone thought that the event was over, he would be like there is one more thing…. and that was always the wow factor in Apple products. Here is a video showing all the “One More Things…”

Let’s jump to the conclusion now. After looking at the above stats, Apple is definitely falling apart after Steve Jobs. The company has lost it’s inspiration and guide. Maybe the quote “Everyone inside Apple wants out and everyone outside Apple wants in” is no longer valid because who knows after the death of Steve Jobs the strictness inside Apple has reduced or maybe not. We can’t say that for sure. But what I can say for sure is that Apple has to re imagine everything from ground zero and make us jump out of our seats if it really wants to maintain it’s reputation. It needs to re think it’s iPhone in particular.

What about iFanboys?
Personally, even I am an iFanboy, ask my friend if you want to know. I have to come realized that an iFanboy is trapped inside Steve’s reality distortion field where specs are not a big deal, a phone without bluetooth does not make a difference but what really matters is how everything works and all your devices in harmony. These are iFanboys in short, maybe I will do an article on iFanboys sometime in the future.

Let us know what you guys think down in the comments.

  • Jai

    Very truly article. Apple is now in the hands of Cook who is nothing but Schulley part 2

    • Nick Kartha

      Cook had a very, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach in running the company.
      He didn’t crash the company in a mountain. He’s managed well so far. Not spectacular, but well nonetheless in my opinion. It’s 2016 now:

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