Tweetie, A Twitter Clients For The Minimalists!

Tweetie, A Twitter Clients For The Minimalists!

There are numerous twitter clients on the AppStore and till now my personal favorite has been Tweetbot but all that changed when i came across Tweetie. This twitter clients is perfect(at least for me) since it has now unnecessary buttons, the design is simple and it is a breeze to use. When you open the app for the first time you are greeted with a tutorial and we will talk about what that tutorial later in this review. The design on the timeline is similar to the Windows 8 UI. It’s simple and clean. All your tweets are loaded on the screen and on the top right corner you have a compose tab. That’s it! No buttons, no tabs at the bottom and no tabs at that top. Can it get simpler than this?
In my opinion the answer would be a no!

Clean and simple!

Clean and simple!

Now, must be wondering how do I reply to tweets or favorite them or RT them and how do I see conversations?
Well, as you would expect both those thing are a tap or two taps away. A single tap on any tweet shows you three option: Reply, Retweet and Star. The animation that the app uses to open up this animations is just amazing!
In order to view a conversation all you have to do is double tap on the screen and the conversations show up. The only button which is visible on the screen at all times is the compose button tapping on that opens up the compose window which also designed keep minimalism in mind. The compose windows has a delete button on the left, a post button on the right and an add media button in the wordpress center. Also, there is a character count in the center.



Also, tapping on a person avatar will open his timeline and a new close button will show up on the left corner. The app also uses a neat design to show pics. It is something like fancybox. The picture opens like an overlay and unlike tweetbot or the official twitter client where you are taken to a different window.

The app also has some slide gestures. Swiping to the right opens the mentions tab and one more swipe to the right opens your profile. At this point the app does not support direct messages but I believe we will be seeing that in the future.




I have been using the app for a while now and I am loving it. I have stopped using tweetbot and now I use tweetie. The only complaint I have is the lack of a DM tab. Also, I would love it if the developer can include a white colored theme which is activated by a triple tap since the app is about keeping it simple. Tweetie in white looks awesome on the white iPhone. I tried it out by inverting the colors on the iPhone. These are my only complaints rest everything about the app is just perfect. Did I mention it is available for $0.99? A twitter client does not get cheaper and better than this!
Go and download it from the AppStore from here.

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