5 Reasons Why I Prefer The iPhone 5s over the iPhone 6!

5 Reasons Why I Prefer The iPhone 5s over the iPhone 6!

Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus about two months back and as always everyone went wild. Like ever new Apple product, it was sold out during the first few weeks. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on an iPhone 6 64GB Gold model and after using it for a week or so, I realized that I was not a very big fan of the new iPhone. So, here are 5 reasons why I prefer the iPhone 5S over the iPhone 6.

1. Screen Size

The only reason I liked iPhone was because of the screen size. Not gonna lie I am a guy with small hands and handling phones with big screen is a struggle for me. After getting the iPhone 6, my first reaction was that damn! this is huge. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7inch screen and in my days of using it, I found myself having trouble in accessing the things at the top. Even though Apple did a nice job of implementing reachability but I don’t want to double tap the home button to access things at the top. It is just annoying. Also, I was not very comfortable in using the iPhone 6 with a single hand. As for the iPhone 5s, it has a 4inch screen size which is perfect for me and thanks to Jailbreak I can run my iPhone 5s on the resolution of iPhone 6. So, in terms of pixels I get the same screen estate with everything bit smaller but that is fine for me. I have no trouble in reading the font. Kudos to perfect eye sight.

2. No Major Performance Upgrades

I use my iPhone mostly for reading my mail, social networking, web browsing and occasionally playing Subway Surfers. My point being that I don’t need alot of horsepower to do the tasks I do. In terms of performance, the iPhone 5s works flawlessly is doing such tasks. So, the new A8 chip means nothing to me. Maybe it will save about 1 second of my life when I launch a new app. The NFC ship is useless in India since it can only be used with Apple Pay and it will take another 5-6 years to be implemented in India. The camera is still 8MP with a minor performance improvements. The iPhone 5s is still pretty good at taking photos and videos and also supports slow motion video at 120fps which I use occasionally.

3. Looks Fragile

The iPhone 6 is thin, too thin in my opinion. We have already seen alot of videos regarding bend gate and my only fear of using the iPhone 6 was that it will bend while in my jean pocket, lucky for me it did not. I don’t want to live with a constant fear of bending my 60k+ iPhone just by keeping it in my pocket. The all metallic design is good but if I drop it once the entire design is screwed, imagine having a dent on one of the corners. Sure, you could put a cover but personally I cannot stand phone covers. I get uncomfortable with an iPhone cover in less than 5 minutes.

4. Battery

Agreed that the iPhone 6 has a bigger battery but it is not too big. With the iPhone 6 I was left with about 30% battery at the end of the day and with the iPhone 5s I am 10-15%. So, I would not upgrade from an iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 just for 15% more battery at the end of the day. It might help when you have a long day but you will anyways end up carrying a portable charger with you because it’s an iPhone and if you are having a really long day, both phones will end up dying.

5. iOS 8

If you take a look at the list of features which iOS provides for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. For example, burst selfies, even the iPhone 5s supports that. At the end of the day the operating system is the main part of a mobile device and if I am getting the same features on a phone which has a screen size with which I am comfortable with, I will end up using that. Maybe, in the future when the iPhone 5s becomes obsolete and Apple has phones with screen sizes >4inch I will consider ditching my iPhone 5s. For now, I am sticking with it.


  • Anand Nair

    I think the iPhone 5S is closer to what an “iphone” is. the iPhone 6 is not an “iphone”. it is something else!

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