Facebook at Work: Will it change anything?

Facebook at Work: Will it change anything?

Facebook is doing all sorts of stuff so that you spend more of your time on its website. The more you stay, the more they earn.  The company announced Facebook at Work, which allows businesses to create their own social networks for their employees.

The interface is pretty much like Facebook which means the employees will be familiar with it and won’t have to learn another software. In fact the company has been using internally for years. Not only is it easy to use, but is also optimized. Facebook already has a great algorithm to filter the noise which they’ve improved over the years and it will be incorporated in Facebook at Work. It also allows sharing of documents but no editing at the moment.

What I like about FB@Work is that it optimizes the news feed according to the colleagues you talk the most to and whats been going around the company. It also helps by getting rid of email chains.

Employers can create profiles for the entire company and the employees can link them with their personal accounts so that they can switch seamlessly between them.

If you share something with everyone at your company, anyone with a work account at your company can see it, but it isn’t visible to people outside of your company.

When you’re part of a startup, you know everyone and what they do. But in a large company, say Facebook, you don’t know everyone, what they do and what they can do. This is where this product shines. You could just post on your wall if you need some help or if you’re organizing an event and want to invite all or selected employees.

The people who manage Facebook at Work at your company can access anything you share from your work account, just as they might access your work emails and other work files, which includes private messages sent to your colleagues.

At the moment Facebook at Work is in Beta and only available to selected businesses before a full release later this year. Only time will tell whether it actually proves useful for businesses, both large and small.


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