Wikipedia for Developers now Banned in INDIA!

Wikipedia for Developers now Banned in INDIA!

The indian government had trolled us a number of times by releasing warnings due to a number of parents complaining to make p**n sites unavailable in India. Understandable. Debatable, but still, understandable. But what they have done now is so ugly it fills me with shame to call myself an Indian. The country with the world’s second largest army basically fell apart because of 1 twitter handle so hard that it decided to ban, yes BAN all major websites that they believed were associated with helping these ‘acts of terrorism’.
Not to be racist now but they didn’t ban websites like or or, but have made all IPS in India to block access to ,, , totalling to over 30 such social websites. Now name an incident where github has ever helped some1 teach other how to code a bomb :/ or if dailymotion had videos tutorialing ‘How to make a Jihad BOMB’ 😐 . It is a nightmare for thousand of people, a huge loss to the community and shame on everyone involved in passing this law.
Since we couldn’t leave you all depressed about the sad fact that it is I decided to tell you an easy bypass that our so very intelligent govt. forgot to think about.


Yes. All you need to do is connect to a proxy server like the much popular such helpful ‘Hotspot Shield‘ by Anchor and you can easily access any of the following websites that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. *breath of relief*


image for now

UPDATE : The government said it has lifted the block on GitHub, Vimeo, Weebly and Daily Motion, but the other websites remain blacklisted.

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