Buying a Portable Charger? Let me help you!

Buying a Portable Charger? Let me help you!

The first thing we do when we head out(online i.e.) to buy any no accessory is goto frequently visited e-commerce websites, select the category and a few filter we think might be best for us,  and then sort by price low to high. Dont lie, I do the same thing myself. But when it comes to buying something as personal as a battery backup, which, if fails to provide at the right time could ruin your day, should not be bought in a rush. the average battery of a phone today is about 2000-2500 mAh (tech note – 1 mAh (milliampere hour) is equal to the charge transferred by a steady current of one milliampere flowing for one hour). So if you do not plan to spend more than a single day outside of home but do plan to use your phone enough to drain all of it’s battery, you should be looking for a charger with the capacity similar or a little more than that of your phone. You could also buy a tiny portable charger the size of a credit card for emergency use say to charge about 20% battery. The 2 main things you need to keep an eye out for in the device is
1) Capacity – This decides how many times or how much you can charge your phone with 1 full charge cycle
2) Output Power – Most wall adapters give an output of ~1A 5V , computer USB ports ~.5A 5V , while some upto 2A 5V.
The power is really a measure of how fast the devise can dispense current to charge your phone i.e more the current, faster it charges your phone.

Since these are the only things you need to technically be worried about, don’t feel shy trying a new brand. I myself have 2 10400 mAh Xiaomi chargers and am completely satisfied with them. I bought them from Flipkart for Rs. 999/- a pop. These came very inexpensive relative to the other models in the market and have very good design and build with a metallic finish and do not feel cheap at all. Since my iPhone is really old it sucks up more battery than it should but 1 charge provides more than enough battery to have started my day with 20% charge on my phone and finish my day with 100% with heavy usage and still have enough battery left to charge another phone or 2.

Generally, other companies state their products to cost about half a rupee per mAh. That doesn’t only sound expensive as hell but also it.

i wouldn’t recommend a specific product, but the freedom to choose from the widest range available to you using the knowledge you gained by reading this post. You are free to support a brand you like and open to trying something new like me. Good Luck. Happy Shopping!

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    • Vaishali Jhaveri

      From where can i purchase Samurai Power Bank???

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