First Look : Gunnars Advanced Computer Eyewear

First Look : Gunnars Advanced Computer Eyewear


How many of you spend more than 3 hours of screen time a day? All I’m guessing? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say a minimum of 5 hours, is what all of you who are reading this post , spend in front of a screen in a day. Laptops , Tablets , Monitors and Phone Screens included , that sounds like just a number right? Well , not really. What you’re doing to your eyes , is the worst form of strain possible. You see , when you’re staring at a screen for anything more than 3 hours , a screen so close to you , your eyes need to focus. And focus they do , just not in the right way. When you make your eye muscles focus on a screen so close for so long , you produce something called Eye Strain. Make sense? All of us have experienced eye strain in some or the other form usually because of long hours spent in front of a screen , haven’t we? HeadAches , BloodShot eyes , Sore eyes , Eye Fatigue , watery eyes and so on.  That’s exactly what this pair of seemingly ordinary glasses , manufactured by a world renowned Swiss Company, aims to do. Does it succeed? Well read on to find out.

Packaging and Contents

I ordered the Midnight Onyx Frames from the Gunnar India Official website , and it reached me in Amazon packaging. Apparently that’s who they use for shipping and other retail services. On opening it , I was presented with a Grey Box which had the name of the company written in Red Bold letters on the front and the logo of Carl Zeiss optics on the side. Upon turning the box , you see the Importer Details , Price , Model No. and so on.

Further , there was a white slide out box within this grey packing , which flips open to reveal all of 3 things : The EyeWear , a microfiber cleaning cum carrying cloth and an instruction / warranty guide document. That’s all that’s present in the box and frankly , the minimal packaging without too many documents and all is a boon.




IMG_20141224_181606               IMG_20141224_181548_1



IMG_20141224_181623            IMG_20141224_181700





Technology Used

Now , even though these look like ordinary amber tinted glasses , believe me when i say this , they’re not. The lenses on these glasses use 4 different technologies , encorporated together as i-AMP lens technology , with their specfic patented names , as follows :

1) Fractyl Lens Geometry : FRACTYL lens geometry includes a specifically tuned focusing power to enhance detail and a highly wrapped lens design that limits air currents near the eye.

2)Diamix Lens Material : DIAMIX lens material is optically pure, ensuring the clearest image by eliminating distortion and haze caused by impurities.

3)Ionik Lens Tint : IONIK lens tints improve overall contrast and comfort by filtering out harsh artificial light, eliminating UV rays and reducing high-intensity visible light.

4)i-Fi Lens Coating : iFi lens coatings include an anti-reflective layer to reduce glare and an exterior hard coat that minimizes environmental damage and scratching.

Effect and Worthiness

Personally, sitting in front of a dual monitor for nearly 8 hours a day is straining on the eyes and I , like 70% of the people out there had already started experiencing the headaches and the eye strain. Wearing these glasses helps , and it helps quite a lot. Right from greatly reducing eye strain , and there being no fatigue , all my skepticism regarding these glasses vanished when i wore them for the first time.

These glasses come in two variants : Amber and Crystalline. The Amber ones are the ones pictured here , basically having a tinted coating for reducing the entry of HEV blue light into your eyes , whereas the Crystalline version has tint free glasses for Designers and People who work with colours daily , for increased colour accuracy and no tint.

They are available in quite a few frame types and models , and different types too. Mine was made out a Magnesium Aluminium alloy , thus offering sturdy build quality with really light weight. You almost forget they’re on there. Other options include Gaming Eyewear , Premium 3D EyeWear and Outdoor Eyewear. They can be further explored on

Overall, the Gunnar Midnight Onyx glasses do exactly what they say on the tin, and do it very well. So, if you’re in the business of gazing longingly into a screen each day, then these are the glasses for you. Though not without fault, they’re the best option available.


Finally , these glasses are completely worth their asking price of anywhere between Rs. 4,500-8,000 and are a boon to programmers , gamers , and computer professionals the world over.


  • Nick Kartha

    I like the sound of these things. I’m planning on getting Gunnar’s Intercept this year.
    What’s most impressive is that they offer custom tints. Coolio!

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