Microsoft Office 2016 is here!

Microsoft Office 2016 is here!

If there’s one thing Microsoft gets right every time, it’s their Office suite. Microsoft Office has ruled this software category since I don’t even know when. So rejoice because they just decided to come out with a new version of their awesome office suite later this year – Microsoft Office 2016!

Microsoft announced the release of the latest version of their popular office suite – Microsoft Office 2016 on their blog. The touch friendly Windows 10 app suite is designed to work across different platforms, so it’s optimized for both desktop computers and smaller screens (those under 8 inches). According to Julia White, general manager for Microsoft’s Office Product Management team, the platform will include “compelling new experiences” that will be highlighted more in the coming months.

The Verge exclusively revealed that the Microsoft Office 2016 will include a darker theme and a Clippy-like helper. The company will be making various tweaks, to both the UI and functionality, but it will look and function similar to the 2013 edition of Microsoft Office. The touch friendly features will be useful for touch based devices running the company’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10. Microsoft Office 2016 (or just Office 2016) will be a joint release of both desktop and server apps.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is busy signing up subscribers for Office 365, its subscription service that rolls up new updates and features into Office on a periodic basis. The company also revealed that consumer Office 365 subscriptions total more than 7 million subscribers, up 25 percent from a quarter ago, and the number of commercial subscriptions nearly doubled. To keep consumers and businesses interested, Microsoft recently revealed its roadmap of upcoming features.

Microsoft will be releasing a preview of Microsoft Office 2016 in a few weeks. We should expect a full release of the office suite with their new operating system, Windows 10.

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